Weight Loss

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Experience the ultimate wellness experience with our exclusive Tirzepatide Package at Stanly Aesthetics. Elevate your health journey with a tailored combination of treatments, perfectly curated and medically supervised to help you reach your weight loss goals. Our non-surgical weight loss treatments help you take off the stubborn excess fat without the pain, scars, and stress.

At Stanly Aesthetics, our weight loss program is:

Safe & FDA-approved

Tried & tested by happy clients

Administered by licensed and experienced professionals

Tirzepatide Package

Get rid of stubborn excess fat & achieve your weight loss goals with our FDA-approved Tirzepatide package. Each package includes:

  • 2 IV infusions of metabolic meltdown valued at $358 for the first month, one each month after
  • 2 injections of B12 valued at $50 for the first month, one thereafter
  • 4 injections of Tirzepatide
  • Safety needle clipper for easy disposal
  • Alcohol pads for cleaning injection site
  • 10 Zofran chewables for nausea valued at $100

Packages are $600 for Tirzepatide

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